The Challenge:

Following the February 2012 Earthquake, the dwelling and garage was demolished, leaving only the garage slab and the driveway at the top of the steep section.  A retaining wall was required to enable the new house to be built on the section. 

With neighbouring properties and dwellings close by on 3 sides of the property, the only access was via the existing driveway at the top of the site, accessed off the Brae. As the retaining wall was adjacent to the existing garage slab, this also had to be stabilised before the work on the wall could begin.

The Solution:

HGM were engaged to construct a 5m high anchored retaining wall . This project included:

  •  Installing self-drilling micro piles to secure the garage slab already in place and grouting the cavity inside the slab
  •  Drilling, installing and grouting 34 anchors , approx252.5 linear metres drilled
  •  Drilling 24 holes for the timber poles, a total of 47.5m and installation and Installation and concreting of 375mm poles
  • Installation of rails on retaining wall, drainage and backfill and temporary hand rail.