HGM Construction were contracted to work alongside Outback Communications Limited in installing three Automatic Identification System (AIS) Towers around Banks Peninsula. HGM were contracted to cart all of the componentry and materials for the towers to site and carry out site excavation works before preparing the foundations and standing and bolting down the tower structures. HGM also did the trenching for earthing the towers and installed stock fences around the towers before removing all equipment from site and restoring any damaged farm tracks.

The main challenge for the Lucas Peak and Adderley Head sites was accessing the tower sites as they are located at remote peaks on Banks Peninsula.  Both sites are also located on private farm land so it was important to keep the environmental impact and disruption to farm tracks and stock to a minimum. Due to the exposed locations of the sites, adverse weather was a higher risk affecting access and safety on site.

Strategic planning ensured that the best plant and equipment was used to carry out the work efficiently and to minimise vehicle movements and environmental impact.  Where possible a helicopter was used to lift materials and equipment in to place and was also used as a mode of transport to Adderley Head so that work could continue throughout the wetter winter months to avoid delays.

The Naval Point site is located closer to Lyttelton and is within a couple of metres to a public walking track so minimising the disruption to track walkers and ensuring their safety remained a strong focus while carrying out work for this tower.

Constant communication between all parties involved, including the land owners ensured that everyone was kept up to date with progress and disruption was kept to a minimum. The projects ran smoothly and ECAN were happy with the outcome of the projects.

Check out the HGM Team in action below