Project Description:

HGM were engaged to install 3 foundations and stand the new poles for a new Selwyn River crossing Connetics were completing as part of the Orion NZ Ltd network. The contract consisted of 3 x 1,500mm diameter steel cased reinforced concrete foundations to 8/9 metres depth as well as the standing of the new 15 and 25 metre tall poles.


Project Solution:

The large diameter permanent casings were driven using a 35t excavator with a hydraulic vibration attachment. These were then cleaned out to the desired depth with an auger followed by the installation of the steel reinforcing cages that HGM had supplied and tied in our yard. The casings were then trimmed on site to 200mm below ground level before being back filled around.

HGM also lifted and positioned the new poles in to place with a crane and bolted them into place.

The site was left tidy with the Farmer’s fences reinstated and all project stakeholders were happy with the outcome.