Case Studies

Christchurch Adventure Park

Completing the planned 20 month Christchurch Adventure Park build in just 8 months was an ambitious task and HGM were excited to be contracted to work alongside other main contractors to help meet this tight deadline.

Bealey Bridge Pile Jacketing

Over time the concrete surrounding the steel piles on the Bealey Bridge had eroded in places risking the integrity of the bridge. Preventative maintenance had to be carried out to avoid further erosion and weakening of the steel piles.

Cargills Monument Stabilisation

Recent earthquakes in Christchurch had highlighted the need for earthquake strengthening across the board and Cargills Monument was identified as being at high risk HGM Construction were contracted to install Self Drilling Anchor Micropiles as part of this stabilisation and strengthening project.

St James Homestead Run Track

HGM were contracted to complete the Homestead run shared bike and walking track in the St James Conservation area. This contract consisted of 7km of re-shaping of existing track and construction of new track to complete the 15km circuit.